Why you should use Natural Stones in outdoors’ Kitchen Countertops

Why you should use Natural Stones in outdoors’ Kitchen Countertops

When thinking about a comfortable house what comes to your mind? I bet you have imagined a sunny day with your family and friends, having fun in your backyard, preparing a wonderful barbecue in your special outdoor kitchen… Am I right?

When we talk about our home comfortability, we think automatically about how it could become the perfect place for our family and friends, enjoying great times together, having wonderful memories, and strengthening family bonds.

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Reasons why you should use Natural Stones in your outdoors’ kitchen countertops 

Here in Massachusetts, we love to share these real moments together, mainly outdoors. However, this place, in addition to being cozy and refreshing, needs to be functional. That’s why a good trick is using marble or granite (as a lot of homeowners are doing). These natural stones bring to your daily life practicality and also decorate your kitchen ambiance. The fact that it is easy to clean is one of its main qualities as well.

In addition to that, experts say that cooking is a great exercise against stress, mainly outdoors! Therefore, an increasing number of people spend hours testing recipes, mixing flavors, and creating new dishes!

I bet you have a lot of memories together with your family cooking meals and enjoying a great time around the kitchen countertops in outdoor Kitchens. Don’t you?

By remodeling your kitchen countertops, you can bring back those memories and also make your family have healthier and more welcoming food every day!

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Why marble is one of the best options for you 

There are so many stones the kitchen countertops can be made with: marble, quartz, granite, quartzite, the options are infinite! But if you don’t know which stone your project may need, think of a style that will be cozy, comforting, and inviting to your family and friends, and no matter what’s your style, classic, modern, sophisticated, fun, or casual, adding marble to your kitchen decor (mainly in Outdoor Kitchens) will meet all the conveniences of your daily life.

Also, the cleaning process of Marble Countertops is very simple, all you need is a damp cloth and neutral detergent. In cases of heavier cleaning, there are products that do not harm the piece.

But the main benefit of marble is surely its functionality. When preparing recipes, marble is an important domestic utensil. When handling melted chocolates or opening the dough, a counter with this material is the best option!

4 aspects you should pay attention to while planning your outdoors’ kitchen countertop 

  1. It’s ALL ABOUT Details!

Don’t forget we are talking about your dream project and it has to take all the details you are dreaming of into consideration: aesthetics, usability, time spent to finish the service, and, most importantly, your budget. 

The kitchen will be the most frequented place in your house, that’s why it is so important to pay attention to the details of your project, like choosing the perfect slab, edge countertops, cabinets, etc… The functionality and durability are essential, but if it’s not like you want your kitchen to look, what’s the point?

Also, every service you make in your home must be accompanied by a responsible work team or professional.

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  1. Do not choose the natural stone you are using outdoors without a professional opinion 

Always start your outdoor project with the orientation of a professional. Only professionals can show you the best stone for each project just because they know how to make it safer for your family or business. For example, if you choose marble or granite for your outdoor project, make sure you are choosing the best non-slip stone; granite is a harder and less porous stone than marble, so it is considered a more durable material. For that reason, it is often used to make kitchen countertops because it is resistant to stains and scratches often caused by spills and the use of sharp knives. Another factor to consider is the heat resistance of the stone: marble is more porous and therefore less resistant to contact with hot materials, such as a pan. Consequently, it is mainly used in bathrooms, where it is less susceptible to this type of damage.

  1. If it is possible, always ask for an estimate with the company of your choice

An estimate is much more than a simple listing of project costs. They are documents that give the approximate cost of a project and list each component needed to complete it. An estimate will certainly help you understand exactly what you are paying for, and will also guarantee you have a project schedule to work with so you know exactly what needs to be done and when. Without an estimate, you may not be clear on what steps are required. That’s why we recommend an expert who can help you with each step of the project, and who knows how long it will really take you to plan.

Here at Marble and Granite Pro, you won’t have to worry as we have qualified professionals ready to help you build your project and solve your doubts.

  1. Choose a company that care and respect your house and project

Always have in mind that just a few custom stone fabricators and installers will take care of your dream project like it was for themselves. Then, you need to search for companies that love what they do and respect your wishes for your countertop projects and are completely committed to it, mainly if you don’t have enough time to take care of everything. 

Here in Marble Granite Pro, we can make it for you! We produce, following all your demands, a real replica of your project in a personalized way and show it to you in your home, just to be sure you are satisfied with our progress.

After showing you all details and replicas, it’s time to come back to produce your dream countertop with all the passion and expertise of our artisans, that have more than 10 years of experience, and will focus on how your countertop would be perfect with the right combination of colors, finishes, and cabinets (all of this, as fast as you can imagine, without losing quality).

We also work in every fitting and positioning just to make sure your countertop looks like a real masterpiece.

After that, our sawyer starts on cabinet countertop working progress, making all of the milling and polishing, and in this process takes circa 2 or 3 days, depending on your project countertop, in which we will obtain such a quality shining coming into the stone countertop as only our sophisticated machine can do.

We only ask you to free the area we’re gonna work and the rest, we take care of. We work padding on your floor before any activity, just to make sure that it will not scratch your floor. And sure, after we finish, we clean our work area just to make sure you just need to bring love to your brand new project that became real.

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If you need to make sure that you have chosen the best company in Massachusett (with quality tested over 16 years!), make a visit and see our showroom by yourself. We work with Marble, Granite, Quartz, Quartzites, Countertop, Fireplaces, Bathroom Sinks, Outdoor Kitchens, or any other project with Natural Stones. 

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