Care and Maintenance for Quartz Topzstones

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Quartz Topzstones surfaces are reliable and suitable for kitchen countertops, toilets, and other décor purposes. They’re produced with natural quartz and polyester resin; these surfaces are non-porous.

Man-made Quartz is harder than natural granite, highly stain-resistant, crack resistant, and easy to clean. TOPZSTONE surfaces do not need to be waterproofed, as opposed to natural stone surfaces. In most cases, only neutral detergent is needed to maintain its brightness.

Daily Cleaning

For daily cleaning, use warm water and a cloth with a small amount of neutral detergent without abrasives and chlorine.

Stain Cleaning

For situations of stains caused by liquids, food, or other products that have remained in contact with the quartz surface for a period of up to 24 hours, here follows the list with the types of dirt and the removal solution proposal for each:

Cuts & Scratches

Quartz is one of the hardest minerals in nature. TOPZSTONE surfaces are not easily scratched. However, excessive pressure may decrease the brightness. A cutting board is recommended for handling food.

Thermal Behavior

A sudden change in temperature on the Quartz surface can damage it. Therefore, hot objects should not be placed directly on the surface. Use a shield under the heated object.

Exposure to Sunlight (UV)

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight (UV rays) may result in a slight discoloration of TOPZSTONE surfaces.

General Care

• Do not use water repellents, sealants, polishes or similar products;

• Do not re-polish the surface;

• Do not place heavy objects on the surface that are not applicable on benches;

• Do not use mops that can scratch the surface, only use a cleaning sponge;

• Examples of products that should not be used as they can cause permanent damage to surfaces: paint strippers, oven cleaning products, pen ink, stamping ink, methylene chloride ordichloromethane; acids for sewage removal, nail varnish solvents with acetone, paint removers,chemicals with high alkalinity and automobile battery fluid.

* Before handling/cutting the material, the protective plastic film should be removed