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An exotic slab can be defined as granite that is of the highest quality, unique in one or more ways, and bold or rare. The individual properties of a granite slab contribute to its overall unique look. Some of the specific properties that determine a slab's uniqueness include colors, pattern, quality, and other things.

Some exotic granite slabs exhibit extreme colors. Sometimes the stone is naturally formed with deep, rich colors. Other times it is enhanced by an artistic stone professional using a high-quality stone dye or a stone enhancing sealer. The result though is the same. The color is vibrant and deep to a noticeable degree.

Beyond being unique, exotic granite is rare. The forces of nature that shape the Earth's minerals into the granite are so diverse that the resulting stone slabs have different grades.

The grade of a granite slab is affected by several elements. Perhaps one of the most significant is the porosity of the stone. How porous the stone affects the rate that it absorbs liquids. This, in turn, plays a part in how easily the granite will stain.

Exotic granite is not just a name given to a traditional granite surface. Rather, it is a granite material that is marked by a high level of uniqueness!

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